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Palmdale  Amphitheater stage at dusk

The Palmdale Amphitheater at Marie Kerr Park stands as the premier outdoor entertainment venue in the Antelope Valley. Offering a mix of high-energy concerts and community-based programming, its convenient location, excellent sight lines, and comfortable grassy seating areas are further enhanced by Saturday evening concerts and Friday evening Family Movie Nights during the summer.

In the past, the City of Palmdale hosted the Starlight Concert Series on a Marie Kerr Park baseball field. Guests would arrive as early as 3 a.m. to claim their spots for entertainers performing on a portable stage. Preceding the concerts, smaller events like Family Western Days, Taste of the Valley, and the Fourth Saturday Cruise added to the festivities. However, the popularity of the concerts outgrew the venue, prompting the need for a larger space.

In 2005, after Palmdale residents voted for a bond measure to fund construction, the new Palmdale Amphitheater was unveiled at the expanded Marie Kerr Park site. This marked a new era, providing amenities like permanent restrooms, areas for food vendors, and a genuine green room for entertainers.

Today, the Palmdale Amphitheater serves as a delightful gathering place for both locals and visitors to enjoy live music under the stars on Palmdale's enchanting summer evenings with family and friends.

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